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Bibendum pays tribute to the 1891 Paris-Brest-Paris Cycling Race, which saw the triumph of the Michelin bicycle tire against its competitors thanks to the endurance of Charles Terront after 36 hours of non-stop racing …

A clever pastry chef from Maisons-Laffitte, Louis Durand, imagined a cake in the shape of a bicycle wheel made of choux pastry stuffed with cream of praline mousse and garnished with flaked almonds, which will take the name of the race to become his own. “Paris Brest “.

Nothing like to recover from the efforts of the first sporting event won by Michelin whose slogan was at that time “The Father of the Removable”.


“Pop” figurine in vinyl
Design inspired by the “beach games” doll of the 1950s
Height: 8 cm
Limited edition of 500 items



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