City weekends – Michelin Guide


Where are you off to this weekend? Michelin invites you to explore 52 medium-sized cities in France with the help of this book!

In the book, you’ll discover 52 French towns with a population of less than 200,000 and which all enjoy undeniable national if not international status: they may be home to masterpieces of architecture or town planning, festivals, museums, traditional or modern crafts, or impressive settings.
Among them, you’ll find towns such as Caen, Arles and La Rochelle… medium-sized towns that have all the marks of a big city!

For each town: a walk in the form of a magazine article, a spotlight on the must-sees, a top 5, and a selection of addresses (good restaurants, shopping, attractive hotels with character, etc.). A visual and inspiring book with lots of illustrations.

Format : 16 x 22cm

French edition

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