Magnet Bibendum genius of the tire stack


Magnet l’Aventure Michelin in the shape of the Michelin Man in a genie costume.

In 1898, the Michelin Man made his grand appearance on the Michelin stand at the first Paris Auto Show. He was soon back on the bill in the astonishing composition entitled “Nunc Est Bibendum”. Each of his appearances becomes an event, and he quickly forges bonds of trust and friendship with the public. A genius of advertising, he gives of himself by putting himself on stage to illustrate and popularize the technical information linked to the correct use of tires. It’s also the Genius of Mobility, the one who advises and guides…

Building on this success, you can now find this visual on the wooden magnet.

Height: 8 cm

This product is part of the Michelin ecological range.

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