Screen Prints – Frieze “A dozen different depictions of the Michelin Man”


This vertical strip presents a dozen depictions of the Michelin Man. The first thing that strikes the viewer is the complicity between the Michelin Man and the moon: he seems to be dreaming… The strip is printed in two parts using the two-colour process (the break is situated between the orchestra conductor and the rugby player). It was intended to serve as advertising in garages and tyre dealerships in the United States. It was used to decorate shop windows, which, in the early 20th century, were often small in size.
Although it can be difficult to date depictions of the Michelin Man in the United States, we have here a graphic element that is beyond dispute: the plane that adds movement to the scene. It is undoubtedly the Bleriot VII, which flew between 1907 and 1908. For the rest, let’s give free rein to the Michelin Man’s imagination in this composition, which is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of his inventor, Marius Rossillon (1867-1946), better known by the name of O’Galop.

Screen printed by hand
2 colour passes
Format: 20 x 100 cm
Paper: Fabriano 100% Cotton Velluto White 300gr
Print run: 100 copies

Each copy is numbered and certified with a dry stamp.

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