André & Edouard MICHELIN le génie du pneumatique by Peter Gabriel Gonzalez


Two brothers, two personalities, two destinies and an exceptional symbiosis that gave birth to a world-renowned company that has borne their name for over a century. Édouard and André played a very important role in the rise of the burgeoning automobile by equipping it with the tires they designed. André Michelin, who was originally an engineer in metal constructions, went on to become the pioneer of modern advertising. With his offbeat sense of humour, he invented the now uber-famous Michelin Man and revolutionised the burgeoning world of road maps, travel guides, milestones and road signs to make it easier to get from one town to another. Édouard Michelin, a painter and pupil of the very academic art master William Bouguerau, unexpectedly emerged as the manager and organiser of the Michelin factory. In 50 years, between 1889 and 1940, these masters of innovation and communication, by taking a keen interest in everything with wheels, developed the little family rubber-making business in Auvergne into one of the world’s biggest companies.

Author : Pierre Gabriel Gonzalez

Format 24 x 26 cm

French edition

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