Les objets Michelin – Pierre-Gabriel Gonzalez


Pierre-Gabriel Gonzalez
Les Objets Michelin

This appealing book is a reflection of the known collections around the world. It presents an inventory, with comments, of the hundreds of depictions of the Michelin Man issued by Michelin since 1898. It inventories the brand’s numerous advertising documents, along with the objects and tools associated with tyre technology, and sets them back in their historical context. A very large portion of the book is devoted to Michelin publications: its famous Red Guide, its Green Guide and its road maps, which accompanied the growth of mobility in the 20th century.
Lastly, it retraces the history of the first 15 years of Michelin memorabilia auctions, which draw hundreds of keen collectors to Clermont-Ferrand each summer in their search for an item that is rare or dear to their heart.

Book format: 24.6 cm x 29.7 cm
192 pages

French edition

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