The Michelin Man at auction – Pierre Gabriel Gonzalez


Everything you ever wanted to know about the true value of Michelin Guides…
An extraordinary story with international resonance, a quarter-century of auctions based on collections of Red Guides and Michelin objects by the Clermont-Ferrand auction house.
In the background, the extremely rare 1900 edition. In July 2000, three-starred chef Pierre Troisgros won for €5,335. This collector’s Holy Grail will reach €28,000 in 2022…
The first edition of the Michelin Red Guide wasn’t the only one to set auctions alight: the 1901 to 1907 vintages, the 1902 “de luxe”, and the first editions of the Belgian, Swiss, German and Spanish Guides all earned solid bids of four or even five figures!
Records too. For example, 1939 copies, reissued by the American army to accompany the soldiers who landed in Normandy in June 1944 to liberate France, along with their city maps… Or the extremely rare Guide Rouge 1904 “?grandes marges?”, which sold for €33,000 in 2021 and €47,000 the following year!
Tasty anecdotes and testimonials from collectors help to decipher their passion for the Red Guides and, more generally, for Michelin promotional items.

Book format: 25 x 16.8 x 1.5 cm

French edition

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