Plastified Road Atlas France – Michelin


This Michelin spiral atlas France. This new laminated edition has the advantage of being longer-wearing.

100% laminated: cet atlas ne craint ni l’eau ni les kilomètres ! This atlas comes with extra-resistant laminated pages on which you can trace your journey with a felt pen or fluo marker pen, then erase with a damp cloth to restore to mint condition.

Michelin guarantees the essentials: accurate mapping on a 1/250,000 scale (1 cm = 2.5 km), a complete place name index and a time and distance chart, extra-resistant pages for ease of use and long wear.

Also included:
– Michelin-recommended routes, depending on your requirements. For example, red for a long-distance trip, yellow for regional access, white for the last mile. Michelin Safety Alerts keep you informed of road hazards such as dangerous routes, mountain passes, vehicle size restrictions, etc.
– Ultra-convenient city maps, in their geographical context

Scale: 1 / 250,000 (1 cm = 2,5 km)

Format : 29 x 24 cm

French edition

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