L’enfance de Bibendum – André Michelin


André Michelin
L’enfance de Bibendum

The story of an industrial and human adventure initiated by an engineer and his painter brother, who in 1890 inherited a bankrupt agricultural machinery workshop in Clermont-Ferrand… A fascinating story, full of intuition and daring, that began with rubber bouncing balls and led to the Michelin Man and his “removable tyres” for velocipedes, horse-drawn carriages and all manner of automobiles!
A lively portrait of industrial France on the brink of the Great War. Rare or previously unpublished illustrations of great quality from the Michelin archives. Text by film producer and director André Michelin, based on Fernand Gillet’s archives.

Book format: 19.5 cm x 27 cm
208 pages

French edition

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