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This superb book is the first item in the “Unusual Archives” collection. The latter is a collection of prestigious books on the great adventure of the Michelin company. The collection’s inaugural book is naturally devoted to the Michelin Man and consists of previously unpublished documents from the Michelin Heritage archives. It presents an impressive volume of documents – in their original condition – relating to the Michelin Man, including the figure’s creation, how it evolved over time and how it was used over the years. This tribute to the Michelin Man does not take a chronological approach. Instead, in 96 pages and 18 chapters, it takes the reader on a tour of its “favourites”. We see the Michelin Man rub shoulders with artists, assume a variety of forms with the help of the Michelin Graphic Studio, change appearance without losing his cheerful attitude, play endless pranks, drive every imaginable type of vehicle, enter every race in order to demonstrate the quality of the company’s tires, come to motorists’ rescue, service and repair tires, practise all sorts of professions, even the most unexpected, be always ready to flirt with the ladies, step out of the path of cars when necessary, found a large family, go on holiday and travel the world for his guides, be on friendly terms with the animal kingdom – sometimes with difficulty – enjoy food and fine dining, engage in every type of sport, imitate famous people for a good cause and, lastly, kick back and relax after having lived “a thousand and one lives”…
This book is a powerful tribute to the Michelin Graphic Studio, which has so skilfully portrayed the Brand’s emblematic figurehead.

Numbered deluxe edition: 750 copies in French and 1,148 bilingual French/English copies
Very large format item.
29.5 x 42 cm
96 pages
Hard cover, cloth back, hot-press printing
Selective varnish on the cover
Four-page printing (inside pages) on Munken Print White 150g paper

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