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The Michelin Man was always happy to accompany Michelin sales reps on their business-generation and delivery rounds. From 1938 onwards, he travelled the roads of France, proudly perched on the roof of a Peugeot 202, the little sedan with innovative lines and the lion brand.
In 1947, Michelin owned a number of these vehicles bearing its brand colours. They were tasked with visiting garages and automobile repair workshops, and supplying them with bicycle and motorbike tires, tire casings and inner tubes for passenger cars.
Two Peugeot 202 vehicles were fitted out in a very special way that set them apart… It was their job to deliver balls of all sizes to the grocery shops and bazaars in little country towns and villages. At a time when cars were something of a rarity in rural areas, the arrival of the “Michelin balls” Peugeot 202 was the highlight of the day…

Length: 35 cm
Material: Resin, wood and metal
Packaging in white wood and sleeve
Run size: 250 items
Numbered certificate of authenticity

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