Screen Prints – The Michelin Man on a Bicycle


This 1967 poster transports us to a time that is at once close to us and distant… The Michelin Man has returned to his first love: his velocipede, the “Little Queen” that was so popular with French and European people, thanks in large part to the Tour de France… The bicycle, which the working classes used to travel from home to work in the 1930s to 1950s, became a path to freedom in the late 1960s.
The drawing shows an aerial view of a cyclist wearing a broad-rimmed, orange-coloured straw hat with a black ribbon and a large, freshly-picked daisy tucked into it. This cyclist is the Michelin Man, instantly recognisable by the very characteristic shape of his shadow. In this major work by the Michelin Graphic Studio situated in avenue de Breteuil in Paris, every detail is drawn with a simplicity that borders on genius.

Screen printed by hand
4 colour passes
Format : 40 x 60 cm
Paper: Fedrigoni WDS Woodstock Betulla 285gr
Print run: 150 copies
Each copy is numbered and certified with a dry stamp.


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